Circumstances that may call for credit repair

In a recent ABC News report, consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy shared some unfair issues that often plague individuals' credit reports, many of which may be resolved through credit repair.

Leamy says consumers who are looking to improve their credit should review a copy of their credit report and check for any inaccurate or outdated information.

For example, consumers who have filed for bankruptcy protection in the past will have a bankruptcy mark on their report for a decade. However, in some cases the item may linger even after the 10-year mark, unfairly hurting a consumer's credit score. Individuals who experience this problem may want to speak with a credit lawyer who may have the experience working with the credit bureaus to remove blemishes quickly and effectively.

Leamy also advised consumers to look for any outdated lawsuits or judgments, which may still be on their credit documents. Such damaging credit report notations can only appear on credit reports up to a maximum of seven years, according to the report.

Consumers in this situation may also want to work with a credit repair specialist, as they have the unique capability of working with credit companies to hold them accountable for using fair and accurate credit reporting practices.