Couples should review their credit reports

When you finally decide to tie the knot, there are many things you want to discuss with your fiancée about your future together. However, one factor many couples do not talk about is their finances.

One in five Americans do not talk about their finances before getting married, according to a survey by Zogby. Only 24.4 percent of the people surveyed discussed their money issues before getting married. Thirty-three percent claimed they did not know their spouse's credit score.

However, a spouse's negative credit score could impact you. With a low credit score and a poor credit report, you and your soon to be husband or wife may find applying for credit or obtaining a mortgage loan difficult.

Couples may benefit from reviewing each other's credit reports together before they walk down the altar. This way, they will know if their soon-to-be-spouse has any financial baggage that may need to be addressed, such as outstanding balances or negative marks on their reports.

If one person does have a blemish on his or her credit report, the couple can speak with a credit lawyer who can walk them through the dispute process. In some cases, credit repair attorneys have been able to remove an item from their clients' reports by speaking with creditors and credit bureaus.