Credit repair may be useful tool for job seekers

A number of job seekers are finding out that their credit score is not only important for obtaining a mortgage or credit card, but is becoming a larger determinant in the hiring process.

WalletPop recently shared a story about a California realtor who was forced to rely on credit cards when her business hit hard times at the beginning of 2008. Her reliance on credit to try to save her company resulted in a major hit to her credit score. She thinks her inability to obtain new employment is a direct result of the negative marks on her credit report.

Turner says she's had interested employers suddenly drop off after she's informed them of her poor credit history.

There are numerous consumers who may be facing similar setbacks in their job search as Turner, and are unsure of any recourse available to them. These individuals may benefit from reviewing their credit reports to determine whether any of the negative marks on their documents are being reported in error.

Credit users who find a questionable item on their document may want to contact a credit repair attorney to help them investigate and file a dispute. A credit repair specialist may be able to work with the creditors and credit bureaus to remove an errant item, helping to restore individuals to a healthy credit standing.