Credit score help may improve chances of landing an apartment

With June underway, a number of working professionals and college students have started their search for a new apartment for the next 12 months. Many will spend hours looking for units that have a porch or a balcony, while others may do the same in hopes of finding a place with a spacious living room.

But this time-intensive process may be all for naught, if the apartment searchers don't have a strong credit score. However, there is still time for those who don't have a high three-digit number to get their credit in order.

The first step for consumers is to obtain a copy of their credit report. By law, each of the three major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – are required to give consumers a free copy of their reports every 12 months.

After receiving their reports, consumers should look them over to check for any mistakes or fraudulent accounts, which may be unfairly lowering their credit scores.

In addition, individuals should also look for any items that may have been reported without following the necessary federal protocols. These marks, like inaccuracies, can be disputed and challenged for possible removal. Unlike a run-of-the-mill credit reporting error, however, it can be harder to spot unsubstantiated items, which is why a number of consumers will contact a credit attorney for assistance.

Resolving these credit reporting issues may provide consumers with the boost they need to qualify for the apartment of their choice.