Credit score improvement tips

The Los Angeles Times is providing consumers with a few tips for how they can improve their credit scores.

For starters, the paper states consumers should review their credit reports to make sure they're accurate. Author Liz Weston tells the newspaper consumers should pay special attention to duplicate charges and entries that are several years old.

Should they spot errors, the LA Times says they should be disputed by bringing them to the attention of credit bureaus. If they can't be substantiated, the items should be removed.

One of the most crucial aspects to improving one's credit score, Weston tells the paper, is paying bills before they're due, stating this factor alone represents 33 percent of what someone's score ultimately will be. If forgetfulness is the problem, creditors often offer automated payment options.

Amounts owed also take up a considerable percentage of one's FICO score. The source states if borrowers are near or past their credit limits, this may bode poorly for their scores.

Should these tips not be enough to improve one's credit score, a credit repair company may need to be contacted. A credit attorney may be able to identify unsubstantiated claims that the consumer may have missed or overlooked.