Dispute credit card charges

Examining your credit card statements each month can work to your benefit. Although you may think spending 30 minutes pouring over purchases can be a waste of time, if you notice a mistake you can save yourself money and credit score damage.

If you wish to dispute claims on your credit card statement there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to help prove your case, Investopedia reports. First, study up on the Fair Credit Billing Act. The act protects consumers from unfair billing practices and offers a way to address the mistakes.

Under the legislation, you must first try to come to a resolution with the merchant you have an issue with before seeking any legal action. Make sure to have your bill and receipt in hand. You should also write a letter to the seller detailing your problem. This letter will come in handy if you need to take your case to the credit card issuer or company.

If you strike out with the merchant you have 60 days from receiving the bill in question to send the letter and necessary paperwork to your bank and explain your situation. The bank will usually resolve your problem due to the FCBA, the article said.

If the charges don't get wiped from your statement, you can speak with a credit repair company to help fix your credit. Oftentimes, a credit repair attorney will be able to work with the credit bureaus to erase negative marks from your credit report.