Fact or Fiction: Do Credit Clearing and Repair Services Work?

When consumers struggle to understand why they have negative scores on their credit report, they should consider turning to an expert in repairing credit for answers. Before you ask for help, however, you might be skeptical whether credit repair services actually work. Discerning whether services fulfill their promises is an important step toward removing inaccurate credit information that could be stopping you from being approved for a credit card or loan. Choosing a trustworthy credit repair service provider will determine whether you will be able to effectively correct errors on your report.

Fiction: Credit Repair Services Are One Size Fits All
Although there are plenty of credit repair shops out there that claim to instantly delete blemishes in your credit report, trusted credit repair service providers work with clients and credit reporting bureaus to take off negative items the right way and this takes time. Credit repair is not a one-size-fits-all solution for clients as experts will have to work with you on your individual case to identify problems in your particular credit report.

Companies that are skilled in what they do are transparent about how many clients see results and will be upfront that some will not see the same results for a variety of reasons. This is why credit repair takes a personalized approach to completely remove late payments, items in collection or mistakes.

Fact: Expertise and A Long-Term Credit Repair Plan Make the Difference
One of the reasons why clients will have to wait for credit repair services to work is because of the lengthy process it takes to contact credit reporting bureaus and creditors about errors and resolve them. Oftentimes, these financial institutions will conduct their own research to verify mistakes and inaccuracies were made before removing them from your credit report. 

Proper rehabilitation not only takes time, but also guidance in the case for many consumers because some credit issues are severe. Credit repair experts can work with you to determine where the problems lie and how they can impact your credit. Not only can experts pinpoint how they can be solved – whether through paying off outstanding debts or seeing that errors are resolved – they can keep you on track to repairing your credit through guidance and legal expertise. 

Since credit repair does not happen overnight, you may need trained help to craft a long-term plan that eventually sees results.