Good-will deletion can help improve credit scores

Applying for a mortgage can be a nerve-racking experience, especially for consumers who have one or two poor items on their credit reports.

However, these individuals may not have to be slaves to their poor credit scores, Bankrate reports. Consumers who have a couple bad marks on their records but an otherwise exemplary credit history may be able to get them removed by simply asking their lender.

John Ulzhemier, president of consumer education for, calls the bad credit solution a "good-will deletion." He cautions that this approach should only be taken by individuals who have very few credit mistakes in their name.

"If you're habitually late, it won't work," he tells the news source.

While some lenders may show mercy on their customers and wipe off a negative mark, others may not be as generous. However, this does not mean that these poor-credit individuals are out of luck.

Consumers may still be able to boost their scores by reviewing their credit reports for items that may not have been reported in compliance with federal regulations. Sometimes, identifying these items can be challenging for the average consumer to do on his or her own. For this reason, many consumers will work with a credit lawyer to hold their credit companies accountable for fair and accurate reporting.