Improve credit scores to get better insurance rates

Consumers who are looking to save on their auto insurance costs may want to heed a few tips provided in a recent CNN Money article.

The news source says car owners may be able to lower their monthly auto bills by shopping around for coverage and improving their credit scores.

The first strategy requires consumers to sufficiently research rates from a variety of providers to ensure they're choosing the best option for their money. Oftentimes, online comparison websites allow shoppers to see the best rates from a variety of providers in one fell swoop.

The report also recommends that consumers try to boost their credit scores if they want to qualify for more affordable rates. While this process may take some time, an improved credit score may help you lower your rates on a variety of insurance policies and loans.

Some consumers may be able to get a quick credit fix by reviewing their credit report and checking for errors or other examples of unfair credit reporting. In some instances, a questionable item on a consumer's report may be lowering that person's score by hundreds of points, negatively affecting their insurance rates. Credit repair companies may be helpful assets for individuals stuck in this position, as they may be able to make sure credit companies are reporting information in compliance with consumer protection statutes.