Medical bill mistakes could be fixed with a credit lawyer’s help

Nearly every American will have to deal with medical costs in his or her lifetime, either for themselves or a loved one. While paying these charges may be the last thing on consumers' minds, they may benefit from closely reviewing their medical bills as soon as they receive them, as recent statistics indicate many hospitals make billing errors.

A recent report by the Medical Billing Advocates of America suggests nearly 80 percent of hospital bills contain mistakes. These can be something as simple as a mistaken name and address or something as a large as an incorrect charge, CBS News reports.

As a result of these mistakes, consumers could end up entering into a credit dispute with their banks, lenders and hospitals, the news source says. This is because the unpaid amount may be reported to major credit bureaus and end up being logged as a delinquency or late payment on these documents.

Consumers who think they may have been the victim of a credit error can contact a credit lawyer. By doing this, consumers may be able to gain extra expertise on how to properly investigate and dispute these charges. In addition, insurers may even give reward consumers for spotting these mistakes.