Reviewing past purchases can lead to quicker credit repair

Chances are you haven't taken the time this week to view your credit report. This means you may have been the victim of identity theft and credit score damage without your knowledge.

This can be particularly true in the weeks following the holiday season, when many of your bills are likely to be filled with a number of expensive charges. As a result, a serious credit report error is more likely to go unnoticed.

However, one government agency recommends that you check your account information online through your lender, or by calling a creditor directly.

"Check your credit card statements often for unauthorized activity," said Steve Bernas, president and chief executive officer of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago. "And don't wait for paper statements."

The BBB also says that by keeping your receipts from these purchases, you can reduce the risk of an error.

However, if you find an error on your report, and you want to fix your score, contacting a credit repair company is a good place to start.These companies can help you remove any fraudulent data from your credit report, such as improper purchases caused by identity theft, helping you on your way to credit repair.