Strategies for getting credit score help

Many lenders are beginning to extend more financing offers now that the economy has shown signs of recovery. While there may be more loans for the taking, consumers will still need to carry a strong credit score if they want to qualify for an affordable interest rate.

According to Bankrate, some consumers may be able to get a quick credit fix by changing the way they pay their bills.

For example, paying off a large portion of a balance before the statement date may help consumers improve their credit utilization ratio.

"How much you owe is 30 percent of your score — and the utilization ratio is a large part of that," Barry Paperno, consumer operations manager with, told the news source.

Another way to improve a utilization ratio is to make multiple payments throughout the month. By paying off a certain amount of a balance once a week, say on Tuesdays, consumers may be able to lower the amount of credit they are using at any single time, the report said.

Individuals in search of another way to get credit score help may want to work with a credit repair company to investigate and dispute any questionable or problematic items on their credit report.

Some consumers may be negatively affected by an inaccurate mark on their files, which is unfairly lowering their credit scores. By investigating and disputing these items, victims of credit reporting errors may see their three-digit numbers once again reflect their clean credit standing.