Texas man files lawsuit because of lingering lien

A Texas resident is using consumer protections from the Fair Credit Reporting Act to reverse an unfair mark on his credit report.

Jeffrey Ray recently filed a law suit because his credit report continued to show a lien under his name despite the fact that he had already paid it off. As a result, he was left with bad credit and was unable to secure new financing offers, including a credit card, the South East Texas Record reports.

Ray told the news source that his rights were violated because the credit reporting agencies did not take the appropriate measures to investigate his claim and remove the unfair and errant information.

Many individuals may find themselves in Ray's position because a number of credit reports contain mistakes. Consumers are encouraged to check their credit reports regularly to catch these problematic items and bring them to the attention to creditors and credit bureaus.

When individuals find a questionable item on their report, they may want to contact a credit lawyer to help them with their investigation and dispute process. Oftentimes, a credit attorney can work with a credit reporting agency to remove marks from consumers' reports, restoring their clean credit.