Valentine’s Day credit card applicants should repair bad credit

A recent survey by the National Retail Federation suggested that the average American was expected to spend more than $100 on gifts for their loved ones this past Valentine's Day.

In addition, men were predicted to shell out twice as much as women during the holiday. But big spenders of either gender may be able to save on purchases during any holiday by simply taking advantage of seasonal discounts provided by their credit card issuers.

However, consumers who need credit score help may have a problem qualifying for credit cards offering the best deals. This is because such individuals may have misinformation on their credit reports, which gives lenders the impression they are an increased risk for default, late payments and other irresponsible behavior.

Contacting credit repair attorneys can help this process, as they can typically work with a consumer to detect and correct errors that could be causing the credit score damage.

As a result, consumers who are thinking of applying for a new line of credit in anticipation of these offerings may want to check their credit report or contact a credit repair company prior to sending out applications.