What renters can do to improve their standing if credit is bad

While financial and housing experts agree that a consumer's credit score can influence the likelihood of a landlord accepting a rent request, author Farnoosh Torabi tells NY1 News not to be too concerned if it's a bad three-digit number.

"If it's not perfect, be honest about it," said Torabi.

Torabi admits a good credit score is often a chief concern for landlords, but she says other things can be done to improve one's chances of being able to rent. For instance, Torabi says apartment seekers may want to talk with their employer to see if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation on the renter's behalf. This may help attest to the renter's credibility as a responsible tenant.

Torabi also told NY1 that property seekers should apply to landlords who own small apartment complexes, as they may be more lenient with renters who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

If apartment renters aren't keeping track of their finances, however, they may be blind to the fact their bad credit rating could be due to unsubstantiated claims. A credit repair attorney may be able to address these issues, however, returning one's credit score to its rightful state.