Advice for improving debt management, boosting credit scores

Andrew Housser, the financial expert who launched, recently provided advice for consumers struggling with a bad credit score.

Better credit scores can reduce a consumer's monthly mortgage or auto loan payment, as lenders are more prone to issue lower interest rates for those deemed or be low-risk borrowers.

Thus, consumers should be increasingly concerned with having a clean credit report and a high credit score.

Housser says the first step to improving credit is for consumers to find out their credit scores. By learning their three-digit numbers, individuals can take the necessary steps to reach their desired credit standing.

In addition, consumers need to consistently monitor their credit reports to avoid any errors or unsubstantiated marks, which could be unfairly lowering their scores. Consumers who are unsure how to handle these problematic items may want to work with a credit lawyer during the dispute process.

Housser also highly advises consumers to pay their bills on time, as missing monthly deadlines can quickly damage a credit report and score. Although this recommendation may seem obvious, thousands of Americans find themselves in credit card debt because they charge more money than they can afford to pay off at the end of their billing cycle.