By obtaining purchase protection consumers can avoid credit errors

While the Fair Credit Billing Act put in place a number of protections to help consumers resolve disputes with merchants, consumers who fail to take advantage of these measures could soon need credit repair.

Most credit cards allow consumers liability protections on these transactions, and will agree to moderate these disputes. However, these have restrictions relating to location and the amount of each purchase. In addition, those who pay with cash or debit may have more difficulty removing an improper charge, one that could leave them in need of a credit fix.

However, credit score help could be as simple as contacting a credit repair company. This is because credit lawyers can help act as mediators between consumers and merchants. By enlisting professional assistance, consumers may quickly resolve these disputes begin receiving better interest rates on new credit cards, home loans and insurance policies.

A credit repair lawyer can also help consumers dispute the original merchant claim so improper charges are refunded and credit records are reinstated at the major credit reporting bureaus.