Checking credit reports for errors can help protect scores

A divorce can be a trying time for many consumers, both emotionally and financially. In a recent question and answer article with, one consumer expressed concern about the inaccuracy of her address on her credit report and how that information could impact her credit score.

The individual said her credit reports indicate her previous addresses were the same as the locations where her ex-husband lived, though she's never resided at these places. According to the report, in this instance, the wrong address shouldn't affect her credit standing.

"This type of information would not impact one's credit score," Cliff O'Neal, a senior director of corporate communications at TransUnion, told the news provider. Even so, such incorrect data may result in unexpected harassment from third-party debt collectors attempting to electronically locate others who were ever associated with those street addresses.

An errant item, such as a wrong address, may not cause problems to a credit score. However, other types of unfair or inaccurate marks, such as a delinquency, may have negative consequences for a credit rating. With this in mind, it's important for consumers to check their credit report regularly to make sure their documents are free of errors.

If individuals come across a questionable item, they may want to contact a credit repair company to help investigate and dispute the negative mark. A credit repair attorney has the unique ability to hold credit companies accountable for any credit reporting that may not be compliant with federal laws.