Checking credit reports for merchant errors

Whether it's during a busy shopping time such as the holiday season, or after a simple trip to the local mall, there's not really a bad time to check your credit report for errors.

The Better Business Bureau says checking credit card statements to find accurate charges is an important way to assess your risk for a reporting error, as improper information from merchants can leave shoppers in need of a credit fix.

"Check your credit card statements often for unauthorized activity," said Steve J. Bernas, president and chief executive officer of the Better Business Bureau in Chicago. "And don't wait for paper statements. The BBB recommends consumers check their credit card statements for suspicious activity."

If these mistakes are left unchecked, consumers may face unexpected late payments and delinquencies that become recorded on their credit reports.

Before disputing these claims, consumers may benefit from contacting a credit repair company. By doing this, they can ensure they gain the resources and information to properly resolve their disputes and see their credit score returned to its rightful level.