Cleaning up old credit mistakes

For most consumers, a perfect credit rating is nearly impossible to obtain. We all make financial mistakes that end up lingering on our credit reports and hurting our scores for years. Even when we've improved our money management, gotten control of our finances and handled our debt obligations responsibly, some negative marks remain on our credit reports.

In a recent column in The News Record, Jayna Barket discusses her own financial mistakes and how they continue to plague her, despite major improvements to her fiscal responsibility. Barket says poor credit behavior during her freshman year of college continues to hamper her ability to secure financing even four years later.

While Barket may think she is stuck with her bad score for years, she may have options to help remove unfair marks. The first thing she may want to do is to review her credit report to find out exactly what types of negative items are on there.

In some cases, consumers who have turned their financial situations around may be able to remove marks that may be unfairly penalizing their credit years after the incident occurred. By contacting a credit repair company, these individuals may obtain the support and know-how they need to negotiate with a collections agency or a credit bureau to remove troublesome items and help restore a clean credit standing.