Computer error removes tax refunds from bank accounts

Due to a computer error, thousands of Georgian residents are now missing their state income tax refunds that were automatically deposited into their bank accounts.

The Georgia Department of Revenue recently retracted tax refunds it issued local taxpayers because it found errors in the amounts being distributed. However, by the time the department rescinded the refunds, a number of citizens had already used the money, resulting in many of them now facing overdraft charges.

Jennifer Cobb was one of the many individuals who were a victim of the computer error. She told the 11 Alive news station she used $800 to pay bills and now faces a $35 overdraft fee. She also said she is concerned that her credit score will be affected by the fees.

Consumers who wrote checks for their monthly bills using their tax refund may now not only have their checks bounce, but their payments remain outstanding. As a result, their credit score and report may suffer. These individuals may benefit from working with a credit repair company to dispute any negative marks that appear on their credit report as a result of the computer error.