Credit fraud on the rise, but credit repair can help

In 2010, the number of consumers experiencing credit damage due to fraud or identity theft rose 62 percent over the figures from the previous year, according to a new report.

While experts point to several reasons for this growing phenomenon, including the lack of sufficient protections on credit cards and purchases made on unprotected Wi-Fi connections, consumers can protect themselves and get credit help if they fall victim to this threat

"It's been a big problem for quite some time," David Lazarus, a consumer columnist for the Los Angeles Times, told American Public Media. "The growing use of plastic simply means that there's growing potential for getting ripped off when you use it. You've really got to be smart when you use a credit card."

One of the best ways consumers can protect themselves from fraud is to check their credit reports frequently. By reading through the document, and comparing this information with past receipts, individuals can ensure their accounts have not been harmed by unauthorized financial activity.

However, consumers who find a questionable item on their report, should contact a credit lawyer. By doing this, they can save time and effort, and increase the chances that they can successfully investigate and dispute these claims.