Credit recommendations college students should remember

College students' primary concerns while they're away at school are their studies, but credit news and research website says they should also make maintaining a strong credit history a priority as well.

One of the reasons why is because college students often make their first large purchase at this stage of their life by buying a car. The website reminds students that the better credit history they have, the more likely it is that they'll be approved for a low interest car loan.

Another reason why college kids should handle their credit with care is to impress employers after graduation. While there are restrictions, many employers these days are checking applicants' credit reports to see how well they manage their money, as this may be an indication of how well they will handle their jobs.

Finally, the site says strong credit gives college students more spending money, something many of them often desperately need. By paying off bills every month, college students can avoid late fees and interest charges, giving them more money to use for entertainment and necessities.

During and long after life at the university, it's also advisable for consumers to review their financial histories, looking for unfair or inaccurate credit marks. These discrepancies may lower credit scores, making it more difficult to obtain a loan for a home or other purchase.