Equifax mobile app could provide credit score help

Consumers who are looking to monitor their credit score more closely can now subscribe to the Equifax Mobile app, which is now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Beginning in February, users will also be able to monitor their credit scores and access their credit reports via the mobile system.

Consumers who use the app and see a sudden drop in their three-digit number may want to check their credit reports in order to verify their credit information. Individuals who then find an error on these documents may need to contact their banks and lenders, as improper delinquencies and other harmful data could lead to lengthy disputes with credit bureaus and financial institutions.

In other instances, a sudden drop could be a warning sign of identity theft. As a result, this could potentially harm an individual’s ability to access credit cards, mortgage loans and new insurance policies at affordable rates.

However, once a consumer finds a problem they may want to enlist extra credit score help. These consumers can contact a credit repair company for advice and expertise that could provide a quick credit fix for credit report errors.