Good credit scores can help save money

With food costs rising and gas prices reaching – and in some states surpassing – the dreaded $4 mark, many U.S. consumers are trying to find realistic ways to save money.

Some consumers may be trying to land second or third jobs, while others are focusing on eliminating wasteful spending. Although both of these options may be helpful, consumers may also be able to save money by obtaining a good credit score and keeping it healthy.

"It's a hard concept to wrap our minds around, but establishing good credit is the first step to building wealth," financial author Ramit Sethi recently told New York news provider the Steuben Courier Advocate.

Another way to potentially improve bad credit is through credit repair. Many credit companies won't take the time to verify that they're supplying the credit bureaus with verifiable information as federal law requires. This kind of unfair credit reporting can cost individuals hundreds of points on their credit scores.

People who find an error on their document and are unsure how to deal with it may want to speak with a credit repair company to help them with the process. An effective credit lawyer has the expertise to hold credit companies accountable for practicing fair and accurate credit reporting as mandated by federal legislation.