How to get a stellar credit score

While a FICO rating in the 750 range is generally considered to be stellar, some may not be satisfied with a score any less than 800.

In order to max out a credit score, Yahoo offers a few tips.

For example, the website says consumers may want to set up an account where bills are paid automatically. This helps ensure that all invoices are paid promptly, thereby diminishing the risk of missing a payment.

Another boon to a superb FICO score is having a lot of credit but using little of it. Yahoo states if consumers use no more than around 10 percent of their available credit limits, the more likely it will be that their scores will be higher.

Some financial experts suggest cutting up credit cards in order to eliminate consumer debt, but Yahoo says this would be mistake if ones goal is to have a score above 800. The source says using credit on a regular basis increases available credit and lengthens credit history, both good things for a stellar score.

Despite a consumer's best attempts to maintain clean credit, it may be hampered by unfair or inaccurate credit report listings submitted by creditors. To correct the issue and repair bad credit, consumers may want to apply for credit score help.