Majority of students believe credit card companies are tricking them

A recent survey conducted by the University of Arizona tested the financial literacy of nearly 850 high school students.

Of these respondents, a majority felt credit card companies were attempting to persuade them into taking on more debt than they could handle. Sixty percent of students felt this way, while 70 percent felt lenders were trying to "trick" them.

A majority of students did feel, however, that they could control their financial futures, with 68 percent responding this way. In addition, 69 percent believed they would receive help from outside sources, such as parents, teachers or the government, to ensure they have a successful financial future.

While students remain optimistic regarding their finances, those people who are no longer in school and who may be suffering from poor credit scores can work with a credit repair company to boost their standing. By regularly reviewing credit reports to spot signs of problematic or questionable items, consumers may be able to find negative marks that are eligible for removal.