Most believe their paycheck totals are accurate

While mistakes in the payroll process may prevent employees from receiving the amount of money they've rightfully earned, an overwhelming number of respondents trust that their paycheck is accurate, a new survey finds.

According to the American Payroll Association, approximately 90 percent of employees are confident their paycheck is correct.

In its "Getting Paid in America Survey," the APA asked 29,000 survey respondents how certain they were the amount they received was the proper total. More than 26,000 answered in the affirmative, saying they were either "confident," or "very confident."

"Increasingly complex and ever-changing tax laws have made calculating a paycheck an extremely difficult task," said Dan Maddux, APA's executive director. "The overwhelming confidence of America's workers in their paychecks is a testament to the great job being done by our nation's payroll professionals."

In the majority of instances, creditors are accurate when documenting consumers' credit reports. However, occasionally, errors or errant charges can adversely affect credit scores. Consumers should look over their financial histories on occasion to ensure everything checks out.