Organizing homes can save families thousands each year

With the country's economy taking small strides toward recovery, many Americans are realizing they may need to do the same if they want to meet their financial goals.

According to a new report from, some households may be able to save thousands of dollars annually by getting their homes in order.

"When done right, getting organized can save households time, money and stress," says Chloe Jenner, founder of the website. "The myth that organizing only costs money is debunked as we show how a number of easy to follow ideas can help reduce monthly outgoings."

The report says organizing food can save a household roughly $655 a year, while setting up a garage sale to get rid of unused items can lead to as much as $400 of added income.

Combining these strategies with known methods of improving a credit score can doubly help individuals save money. This is because many expenses, such as mortgage rates, auto rates and insurance premiums are based on a person's credit score.

Individuals who are looking for a quick credit fix may want to contact a credit lawyer to see if they are eligible for credit repair. Any marks that appear on a person's credit report that cannot be substantiated by a lender or verified to have been reported in compliance with federal law, may be challenged and removed. Cutting out these negative items may result in a consumer seeing his or her score rise.