Poll: Consumers spend four hours per day worried about debt

With economic uncertainty at a premium in recent months, a new survey indicates a considerable number of Americans spend hours worrying about payments they owe.

The survey, conducted by FreeScore.com, found that consumers spend approximately four hours per day getting worked up about debt. Furthermore among 11 percent of respondents, worry about debt takes up 10 hours of their typical day.

"These results come at a time when the country is at a fever pitch about debt and income issues," said Carrie Coghiull, director of consumer education for FreeScore.com. "While on average Americans are spending four hours daily worrying about debt, many do not know how to start to improve their financial situation.

To help consumers resolve their credit issues, Coghill recommends organizing financial files, creating a budget, only charging for things that they can reasonably afford and paying off bills on time.

In addition to these tips, consumers should also review their credit history, looking out for any unfairly reported marks. If left unaddressed, such notations could jeopardize consumers' FICO scores.