Searching for unfair and unverifiable marks on credit reports may improve job search

Many out-of-work Americans are finding it difficult to land a new job because they suffer from a poor credit score. With employment opportunities scarce and an abundance of applicants, a number of companies are using credit checks to help narrow their candidate pool.

As a result, some individuals with bad credit aren't even getting considered for an interview. This has become a major problem in recent years, as many consumers have endured credit damage as a result of foreclosure or money problems, stemming from the recession rather than irresponsible money management.

Job seekers who are tired of having their credit score affect their prospective employment opportunities may be looking for quick credit fixes that can make them a more attractive candidate. One way some consumers have been able to boost their three-digit numbers is by reviewing their credit reports for unverifiable marks.

Many individuals may be aware that they can dispute a credit reporting error on their files, but inaccuracies aren't the only items that may be challenged. For example, if a credit company reports a mark on a person's credit account that it cannot verify and prove to be accurate, he or she may investigate and dispute that item.

With the help of a credit lawyer, an individual may be be able to show that the credit company did not report in compliance with federal legislation, which may lead to the mark being removed from his or her reports.