Smart coupon use can reduce grocery bills

A number of consumers have tried to reduce their spending and their amount of credit card debt by taking advantage of coupons.

Some consumers, such as Tiffany Ivanovsky, have taken this practice to a whole new level, CNN Money reports. Ivanovsky has been able to use coupons to save up to 90 percent on her grocery bills. In some cases, her coupon use has helped her make money on her shopping trips.

For example, if she has a manufacturer's coupon that gives her $2 off on an item that only costs $1.50, some stores will give her a 50 cent credit, the report said.

A number of grocery chains and retail outlets have put restrictions on using manufacturer's coupons in conjunction with store coupons because they've seen their profits dip.

Although Ivanovsky has had success reducing her bills, many U.S. consumers aren't as fortunate. Instead of saving, they continue to rack up credit card debt when purchasing groceries or new clothing. Anytime credit card holders are relying on plastic to make purchases, they face the possibility of a credit reporting error.

Consumers should review their credit report regularly to make sure their payment history is accurate and free of mistakes. Individuals who spot a questionable or problematic item may want to investigate and dispute the mark with the help of a credit repair attorney.