Strong credit scores critical for recent grads

A number of college students are realizing that maintaining a good credit score after graduating from college will play a big part in the future of their finances.

For example Sherelle Villacorta, a financial analyst from Long Beach, California, recently told The Wall Street Journal that she knew buying a car or securing an apartment would be difficult without a strong three-digit number.

In order to improve her score she focused on controlling her credit use. She limited her credit card spending and paid off all of her debt, the news source reports. After six months of diligent credit behavior, she is now at a point where she pays off all of her balances in full at the end of each billing cycle. In her turn around, she's seen her score rise from roughly 697 to 758.

Many recent graduates may find themselves working as hard as Villacorta to improve their credit but have been unable to achieve the same credit score gains. For these people, they may want to check their credit reports for errors, which may be unfairly hurting their scores.

Individuals who find credit reporting mistakes on their files may want to contact a credit repair company to help them investigate and challenge the marks. Taking this approach may help them achieve the credit fix they need to qualify for a future car loan or apartment rental.