Students rely heavily on loans to finance college

A recent survey from The Associated Press and Viacom found about six in 10 students rely on college loans to help fund their higher education.

According to the poll, college students say money problems have caused them to reconsider the schools they attend and how quickly they must fulfill their degree requirements, The Associated Press reports.

Of the 60 percent or so of students who need loans to finance their educations, about half say they are uncomfortable with taking on so much debt. In order to help meet their expenses, roughly 67 percent say they work part time, while about 60 percent say they receive assistance from their parents.

When individuals graduate from college, they will generally have a six-month grace period before their student loan repayments kick in. While paying off this debt, students should check their credit reports regularly to ensure their payment history is accurate. In some cases, a lender may mistakenly misreport a consumer's account information, which may result in a late or missed payment mark appearing on the person's credit report.

If this happens, students may want to contact a credit repair attorney to help them investigate the credit reporting error or problematic item. Often, a credit lawyer has the expertise to hold credit companies accountable for being in compliance with fair credit reporting requirements.