Study links credit scores with personalities

A recent study finds there may be a link between consumers' credit scores and their personalities.

Researchers at Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University and Northern Illinois University found, contrary to what many might think, agreeable people were actually linked to lower credit scores than people who were more rude. Those involved theorized that some of the people might have run into financial issues after co-signing loans for friends or opening too many store cards after being prompted by friendly clerks.

The study also found that despite the fact that 60 percent of employers review applicants' credit histories during the hiring process for at least some positions, having a low score wasn't linked to poor job performance.

"It was telling that poor credit scores were not correlated to theft and other deviant types of work behaviors," said Jeremy Bernerth, assistant professor in LSU's E. J. Ourso College of Business. "Most companies attempt to justify the use of credit scores because they think such employees will end up stealing, but our research suggests that might not be the case."

Regardless of whether their credit scores will be used in a job search, consumers may want to review their reports to ensure they are accurate. Any discrepancies could have a negative impact on their overall scores.