Unemployment claims increase by 9,000 during most recent week

According to new data released by the Labor Department, the number of unemployment claims jumped significantly last week, increasing by 9,000.

Overall, 429,000 jobless claims were submitted for the week ending June 18, which was worse than the predicted 413,000 many experts had forecast.

The increase continues the trend of high unemployment rates experienced nationwide since April. The four-week average for initial claims was unchanged from last week, however.

"Jobless claims remain elevated, and this will remain the limpest economic recovery since the Great Depression," John Lonski, chief economist at Moody's Economy, told CNN Money. "This is telling us that we're not making much progress at bringing back the nearly 7 million jobs that have been lost since January 2008."

With unemployment claims up and the number of available positions still below normal levels, more consumers are having trouble landing jobs. Furthermore, although many have strong resumes, some applicants may get turned away because they can't pass a credit check. Credit repair may be a beneficial way for them to get a quick credit boost, which may make them a more attractive job candidate.