Utah week highlights credit report benefits

Utah Saves Week began on February 20, 2011, with the intent to highlight the importance of financial responsibility in the state.

State Sen. Patricia Jones introduced the first challenge to state consumers, which urged citizens to obtain free copies of their credit report from major bureaus. Residents who complete the challenge can then register for a chance to win one of the week's prizes.

"A surprising number of people don't know what is in their credit report or credit score," Jones told Utah news provider the Deseret News. "The higher the score, the better the deal they can get to save money as they buy a house or take out a loan for school. There are companies that check the credit score when someone applies for work."

By checking over these documents, consumers can identify errors and other unfair charges that if successfully disputed could alter their credit score. However, consumers may want to direct questions and concerns to a credit lawyer who may be able to help with the dispute process.

A credit repair attorney may be a useful resource for Utah consumers and those across the country because they can draft creditor investigation and bureau dispute letters in order to help those with poor credit navigate the ins and outs of this complicated process.