Wells Fargo advises consumers to check their credit reports

While many consumers are preoccupied with avoiding a charge off on their credit card account or learning how to fix credit problems, knowing how to prevent identity theft can be just as important.

In a recent study, Javelin Strategy and Research found incidents of identity theft declined 28 percent nationally from 2009 to 2010. However, Wells Fargo says it would like to see this number drop further and help individuals better protect their accounts and information.

"Wells Fargo has a long commitment of educating people about fraud and helping them protect themselves," said Secil Watson, senior vice president at Wells Fargo Internet Services Group.

The company says that by signing up for wireless alerts, consumers can better monitor their credit. In addition, Wells Fargo says individuals should check their credit report at least once a year, as it could help detect suspicious activity.

Consumers who find an unauthorized purchase or a number of serious errors should contact a credit repair organization, as a credit lawyer can work with credit bureaus to remove incorrect information quickly and efficiently.