Wisconsin city residents have highest credit scores nationwide

A recent study finds that residents in the Midwest have some of the highest credit scores in the country.

The U.S. city with the highest average credit score, according to the credit bureau Experian, is Wausau, Wisconsin, where the average VantageScore was 789. A VantageScore can range from 501 to 990, and is calculated differently than a FICO credit score, which can range from 300 to 850.

Wausau also bumped Minneapolis, Minnesota, down from the top spot it had held for four years to second place with a score of 787. Eight of the top 10 cities were located in the Midwest.

The city with the lowest average score was Harlingen, Texas, with a score of 686.

As a whole, the report found that many cities have slightly improved their credit standing since last year, as the average debt level nationwide has dropped approximately 1 percent.

Those with less-desirable credit scores may want to take the time to review their credit report for any unfair or errant markings. Even typographical errors included on a credit report could have a negative impact on a consumer's score.