3 apps to help you budget

Budgeting is not an easy task, but it is necessary if you plan to keep your finances in order and repair credit. It is easy to make mistakes while budgeting, but you don't have to do it all by yourself. In a time when most people are turning to smartphones to keep track of daily schedules and communication, there is no reason that budgeting can't be part of that list.

With the rise in smartphone usage, developers have taken to creating apps for just about everything. So if you are having a difficult time with your budgeting, or keeping track of your finances, then check out the app store and find something that works for you.

Forget your pen and paper, check out these three apps to help you budget your lifestyle:

"Keep your finances on track with budgeting apps."

This app is based on the popular website of the same name and can be found on many lists of best financial apps. Mint is free and compatible with iOS, Android and Windows software programming, making it available for everyone.

According to Daily Worth, this app helps you manage your income, spending, saving and budgeting by syncing up your accounts. You can even monitor mutual funds or an individual retirement account. By keeping track of your purchases, it breaks down your spending so you can see exactly where your money is going. One of Mint's most appealing features is that it allows you to establish goals and helps you set up a savings plan to reach those objectives.

Accountability is necessary when budgeting your finances, and if you are having a difficult time doing so on your own, you should consider Mint as a means of assistance.

Goodbudget used to be called the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, or EEBA, and is based on an envelope-budgeting method. Essentially, this app organizes your money into different envelopes, such as "utilities" or "groceries." Not only does this help you put your finances into perspective, but it also helps you be realistic about where your money is going.

You are only allowed to put money into each envelope once a month, so when you run out you have to wait to put more in. This should make you think twice about how you use your money on things you don't need while encouraging you to be careful about how you spend.

Goodbudget is also free and compatible on both iOS and Android platforms.

Apps can keep your finances on track.Apps can help you stay accountable.

Another free budgeting app for both iOS and Android phones is Wally. Similar to other apps, Wally shows you all of your accounts and monitors your spending in real time, keeping you posted on when your spending starts to get too high and if your finances get too low.

Like Mint, you can set up goals to work toward, ensuring you meet your financial objectives before spending too much of your money. However, there are some additional features that make this app worthwhile, such as keeping track of travel and social data. Essentially, if you are always spending more money at a particular place or with a certain group of people, Wally will let you know, if you didn't already realize it.

By incorporating social and travel trends into the app, Wally keeps you informed of not only how much you spend, but where and when. According to Tom's Guide, the app even puts together infographics to make your spending habits easier to understand.

These are only a few of the many budgeting apps available out there. Additionally, there are options that you can purchase that come with even more features and details. If budgeting is not your strong suit, then consider downloading one of these apps today and get your finances back on track.