75 percent say college too expensive

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center has found the majority of Americans think college costs too much.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans said they think the value of a U.S. education isn't worth its cost, while 75 percent say college is too expensive for the majority of people to afford.

However, when asking college grads specifically, 86 percent say paying for college was a good investment that has improved their lives. Much of this positive sentiment results from the fact that adults who attended a four-year university think they earn on average $20,000 more because of their degree.

While grads think they may earn more during their lives, there's no question that many are leaving college with major debt. According to the report, about 48 percent say their student loan debt interferes with their ability to pay other bills, while 25 percent say it has made it harder for them to purchase a home.

Because many students are graduating college with heavy student debt, it is important they learn how to manage and improve their credit.

One way some students may be able to protect their credit scores is to check their credit reports for errors or unverifiable marks. Any negative items that cannot be substantiated by a credit company must legally be removed from a person's record. In many cases, credit lawyers have the expertise to hold companies accountable for fair and accurate reporting practices.