Affluent consumers spend more than their share on cards

Americans are once again using their credit cards after swearing them off during the recession, and it may be the nation's most affluent consumers that lead the way.

Top credit card lenders are stepping up efforts to market new accounts to consumers with top-notch credit ratings, and affluent consumers are obliging by spending more on their credit cards, according to a recent study by Research and Markets. The study looked at the spending habits of these consumers in 20 countries worldwide, and found that though wealthier borrowers comprise just 30 percent of all cardholders, they make up 37 percent of all lender revenues.

In addition, demand for premium credit cards available exclusively to top-notch borrowers is expected to rise considerably over the next year, the report said. Some 11 million affluent borrowers will likely open new accounts during that time, an 8.5 percent increase over current numbers.

Typically, the best credit card offers are only available to those with high credit scores. Consequently, those interested in obtaining such an account should check their credit reports to verify that there are no unverifiable or unfairly reported items lowering their scores.