American Express stepping up card issuing

One of the nation's top credit card lenders has in recent months increased the number of accounts it offers to consumers, and some of the most common offerings are for accounts that come with annual fees attached.

American Express' issuing efforts have increased considerably, and because the company is more accustomed to pursuing affluent customers, it has been issuing offers for accounts with annual fees attached, according to a report from MarketWatch. That's because the majority of AmEx's accounts come with rewards programs attached and those, along with its efforts to push digital innovation, have been quite costly.

Blue Cash Preferred, the company's most popular credit card offering, currently carries a $75 annual fee, the report said. This is a stark change from its previous strategies of only applying annual fees to its charge cards, which do not allow borrowers to carry a balance from one month to the next.

Because many credit cards now carry annual fees, finding one that comes with a lower interest rate might be more important. Having a healthy credit score gives borrowers access to the best rates, so checking their credit report to ensure their rating is as strong as possible can be imperative.