Americans cutting back on non-essential purchases

Hoping to get better control of their finances, a new poll indicates consumers are cutting back on some of their less critical purchases.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, found that during the next six months, approximately six in 10 adults say they will decrease their spending by going out to eat less often and reducing how much they spend on entertainment purchases.

"As the economy fluctuates and Americans continue to feel pessimistic about employment prospects, it only follows that non-essential spending would continue to be scrutinized," Harris concluded. "Americans will likely continue to hold back until they feel more comfortable."

The poll also found that most consumers will also delay spending money on more high-priced items, such as boats, recreational vehicles, or new cars.

Once consumers feel comfortable with their financial status, they will likely begin purchasing more frequently. Consumers can increase their sense of economic security by going over their credit reports to make sure they're free of any discrepancies that may adversely impact their credit scores.