Cab rides could cause credit disputes

Over the last decade, many taxi services in major American cities have introduced devices that allow riders to pay their fares with a credit card.

While this can be a convenience to consumers who don't want the burden of carrying cash, due to broken machines and shifty drivers, some individuals may end up needing to dispute a charge once it arrives on their credit card statement.

"We probably are receiving at least five or 10 complaints a day on a bad day," Mark Cohen, the director of licensing for the Hackney Division at the Boston Police Department, told Massachusetts news provider WBUR.

As a result, these incorrect charges could end up leaving consumers with the need to repair bad credit. This is because consumers who fail to make the payment to the taxi service could see this information reported to major credit bureaus.

Some consumers have found questioning a dispute takes a significant amount of time when tackled alone, which is why they will contact a credit lawyer for help. A credit repair attorney can help a consumer review their credit report and efficiently investigate any questionable charges.