Car purchasing tips for first-time buyers

Vehicle valuation company Kelley Blue Book has recently released a list of tips consumers may want to consider following if they're new to the car buying market.

The list of tips offered by detail what types of dealerships buyers should frequent, how to locate them and how vehicles should be financed. For instance, KBB says that while new car buyers often want to get expensive cars, they should be realistic about what they can afford to spend by evaluating what their cost-of-living expenses are. says carbuyers who finance should expect to spend about $25 per month for every thousand dollars borrowed for 48 months.

Car dealers typically offer low-interest financing for well-qualified buyers. However, inaccurate notations on a credit report may prevent consumers from being offered the most reasonable interest rates. Carbuyers may want to review their credit history to make sure their scores are being accurately represented.