Consumer Confidence index falls after release of unemployment data

The government has come under heavy fire during the past month as a result of slowing job growth and fewer signs of recovery.

The country's economic struggles have many Americans wary about their financial futures, according to the latest Rasmussen Consumer Index.

The index, which measures consumer confidence, recently fell to its lowest level in more than a month of daily monitoring. Since the government's announcement that the national unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent last month, the index has fallen 10 points.

According to the company's survey, 24 percent of adults say the country's economy is improving. This is an eight percentage point drop from June 2, the day before the government released its unemployment figures.

With 55 percent of Americans thinking the economy is worse, many consumers may be looking internally in order to find ways to improve their financial standings and get their credit in order.

Although focusing on paying down debt and getting on top of bills is always an effective strategy for improving credit, some individuals may also want to explore credit repair strategies.

Consumers can find out if they qualify for credit repair by working with a credit lawyer to identify any errors or non-compliant information on credit reports. Finding these marks and challenging them can potentially lead to their removal, and as a result, an improved credit score.