Consumers confident about paying down debt

Although the U.S. economy has shown signs of recovery in a few of its sectors, a number of Americans remain uncertain about their finances, according to the Country Financial Security Index.

The index fell 0.2 points in April to 64.7. The index drop was limited because Americans were able to improve their savings and their debt totals.

Individuals who were confident in their ability to pay down some of their balances increased one percentage point to 77 percent. Although only a slight improvement, paying off debt and subsequently, improving credit scores, are smart ways for obtaining financial security.

Consumers who are on a path to paying off their credit card debt and other financial obligations may be able to further improve their credit scores by reviewing their credit reports for errors.

Many individuals may find questionable items or credit reporting mistakes after thoroughly checking their documents. These problematic marks may cause a score to drop by hundreds of points. Individuals have the right to dispute these marks, and by working with a credit lawyer, they may receive the assistance they need to remove the blemishes and return to a clean credit standing.