Consumers more likely to share positive customer service experiences

A new survey indicates that when consumers have a positive customer service experience, they are more likely to talk about it with others than they have been in previous years.

The poll, conducted by Spherion Staffing Services, found that when consumers receive stellar service from businesses, 47 percent are likely to tell a company representative about it. When a similar poll was conducted in 2010, just 40 percent said they would talk to a company spokesperson.

Sandy Mazur, senior vice president of Spherion, said consumers are becoming more vocal with the companies they interact with, largely as a result of enhancements in technologies.

"Because of the extreme connectivity that the growth of social media has spurred between consumers and companies, people are more willing than ever to speak up about the way they feel about a particular brand," said Mazur. "So many companies have cut corners in this economy when it comes to customer service, but the impact of those decisions is greater than ever as people decide to speak up about who treats them well."

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