Credit card issuers continue to broaden lending standards

Companies that grant Americans credit cards are, like consumers themselves, beginning to feel better about the economy. As a result, many have made significant efforts to extend credit to those who previously would not have had access to it.

During and immediately following the recession, it was only consumers with strong credit ratings who had access to credit card offers, but now, as economic conditions improve, those who have struggled in the past are now receiving offers again as well, according to a report from Cincinnati, Ohio, television station WXIX. In fact, even a growing number of subprime borrowers have been targeted for new accounts.

"We are seeing them reaching out and testing the waters with people who maybe have had some problems over the economic downturn or who are new to credit," Nessa Feddis of the American Bankers Association told the news station. "The economy has stabilized. It's more predictable about who will be able to repay their debt."

Consumers who want the best available credit card offers should make a habit of checking their credit reports to make sure no unfair markings are having a negative effect on their standing.